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“The world investment in leadership development is US $50 billion!  But the more that companies invest in leadership, the less satisfied they are with the results. The simple truth is that 70% of leadership investment is a waste of time. Most leadership development doesn’t work.”

Nigel Paine, Leadership, Learning and Technology Thought Leader

It’s true, most leadership development doesn’t work.

Better Yet can help.

We know that leadership development is much more effective when there’s a senior sponsor for whom improving the performance of a cadre of leaders really matters. We work closely with these sponsors to ensure they remain visible and involved before, during and after a development process.

Leadership development must very obviously connect to the delivery of an important part of business strategy and we work hard to ensure that link is clear and explicit throughout any programmes and processes we are involved with.

It’s all about results, so we start by understanding exactly what results are expected of any leadership development work and how these results can be measured; this also requires clarity on precisely which leaders we will be working with. We tend not to work on “sheep dip” campaigns.
Successful development is a process rather than an event, so we create learning processes for leaders, designed to deliver and sustain the business outcomes set out in the first place. We have rich design and delivery expertise, but also extensive global networks and are used to partnering with the best people on the planet to come up with the right solution for our clients.
We know that change is at the heart of leadership development and that change takes time, so always strive to build in a supported application phase.
We’re a bit obsessed with outcomes, so we always show the business results of the leadership development work we do.

“The most effective workplace learning I have experienced. Totally aligned to the needs of my team and the business – it was instrumental in driving the changes that were required.”

Dan O’Brien, Group Finance Director, Tarsus Group Limited

Case Study

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This fast growing tech company needed a bigger contribution from its leadership population to sustain the growth. There were concerns about consistency and how effectively the leaders were connecting with the workforce.

Rather than a conventional, corporate approach to this challenge, we worked at Business Unit level to uncover the real challenges and opportunities, where the leaders felt they could effect change and take accountability for outcomes. An initial diagnostic approach led to a combination of short, facilitated planning and action workshops, with occasional skill building sessions where skills were necessary to deliver agreed outcomes.

Capabilities were developed and practiced in pursuit of real deliverables – so this absolutely wasn’t a traditional classroom programme.

This approach resulted in more meaningful sponsorship and ownership from the Executives responsible for each BU. Application of learning was incredibly high as the development process really became an improvement project. Interestingly, after the initial BU piloted the approach, successive BUs picked up the process with increasing enthusiasm as healthy competition and peer pressure kicked in.

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