Team Development

Most of us work in teams most of the time.
We could be in functional teams, process teams, project teams, virtual or remote teams.


It’s how much of the business world is organised and many of us will spend most of our working lives as part of one or more teams.


How many of us are part of high performing teams?


Research suggests that just 12% of us are currently working in what we would describe as a high performing team.

How do you improve the performance of your team?

Considering the importance of team working to organisational success, it remains a remarkably unexplored area of performance.

Better Yet can help.

We love working with teams, are accredited to work on team performance, have our own tried and tested methodology and can point to an impressive track record of helping to measurably improve team dynamics and team performance.

We work with all sorts of teams from executive level, business unit leadership teams to functional or departmental teams.


We follow these principles in our work with teams

  • We believe that all teams exist to produce results, so ensure that outcomes are always front of mind.
  • We recognise that all teams are living systems, so we don’t work in isolation and remain aware of the wider context and influences on the team.
  • We know that most people are drawn to teams and want to be part of successful teams.
  • And, we are clear that most teams have the means within them to significantly improve.

Better Yet will invest the right amount of time in Contracting to fully understand the position of all stakeholders. We will complete a Discovery phase so we know the sponsor, team leader, team members and all issues affecting the team. We will deploy a thorough Diagnostic process to determine focus areas, before working with the team to Improve, Accelerate and Sustain the benefits gained.

It’s all about results and this process delivers results again and again.

“My management team was in a difficult place when Andy started working with us. We’d lost some key players, knew others were likely to move on and were slowly integrating new members into the team. On top of this, the business was struggling and we were having to deal with a huge amount of uncertainty. Over the 7 months we worked with Andy, we built up the basics of the team, improved areas like communication, trust and our ability to have difficult conversations with each other and saw our confidence and performance increase dramatically, which also led to a positive change in business performance. Months later, we’ve retained many of the actions we worked through with Andy and I believe we’ve really discovered our identity as a team.”

General Manager, Global Hospitality Company

Case Study

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The Finance Director of a large Financial Services business asked Better Yet to help with what he described as a “totally dysfunctional” Senior Finance team. In his words, this was “the last throw of the dice”.

A robust discovery and diagnostic process surfaced a number of issues – including a perceived lack of clear direction, an inability to deal with conflict and a number of “challenging” relationships between team members.

Better Yet guided the team through a structured process, starting with a definition of team purpose and rules, where the group progressively took accountability for their situation and systematically addressed their issues. Over a period of about 8 months, regular check-in sessions kept the team focused on their commitments and ensured good practices became day to day habits.

Team behaviours, which were measured at the start and end of the process, improved by 44%. The team retained all team members, a scenario considered “extremely unlikely” by the sponsoring Director at the start of the exercise and the team has gone on to meet all objectives and be recognised as a stand-out team in the organisation.

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